It is not uncommon for your cat to show signs of fear and anxiety during times of high stress. Many cats do not like change, loud noises or unknown people, so thunderstorms, moving, fireworks and guests can cause noticeable stress in your cat. There are many natural and therapeutic options available to help relieve stress and anxiety to calm your cat and also things you can do as an owner to minimize creating too much upset.

The Power of Touch

Touching a cat releases “happy cat hormones” into their system. This is the same reason cats purr when petted. By petting your cat you’re reassuring them that things are OK. If you are not able to comfort them during their time of stress, such as moving, then you can try a Thundershirt. This product provides constant gentle pressure on your cat helping relieve them of anxiety, fear or over-excitement. It is a similar concept to swaddling babies and is believed to release endorphins into their system, calming them naturally.

Use a Diffuser

The Pet Ease Diffuser offers a cat-specific formula that contains essential oils to reduce stress and calm your cat. The natural scent can help with behaviours like inappropriate urination and clawing furniture.

Adding Supplements to Their Diet

Calming supplements are formulated to help your cat relax, stay calm, and to reduce irritability and anxiety in stressful situations. Supplements are an easy addition to your cat’s daily diet, and can help with a variety of stress-related behaviours including excessive meowing and scratching. They’re also great for helping your cat deal with stressful environments like visits to the vet or groomer. Head to Tail Calming formula for cats are pet health supplements that are formulated to help your cat de-stress and relax without drowsiness. This formula is not a tranquilizer or drug sedative. Instead, it’s designed to keep your cat behaving normally even in high stress situations.

Music to Soothe the Soul

Playing soothing music for your cat may seem silly, but has been proven to actually aid in de-stressing and relieving anxiety. You can use music to soothe and calm or, based on the style of music, even energize your cats. We recommend something with soft tones like classical music or soft/contemporary rock (though they might not be YOUR cup of tea). There are actually YouTube videos with music specifically catered to soothe your cat!

By Michelle Edmundson